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by Devil Met Contention





releases 26 February 2015



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Devil Met Contention Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Devil Met Contention combines country, folk and blues into a dark Americana sound that brings to mind Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Johnny Cash. Formed in 2012 by singer/songwriter Ehson Rad.

The southern Gothic sound of Devil Met Contention is perfect if you feel like dancing, socializing or drowning your sorrows with a bottle of whiskey. There’s something for everyone in this music.
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Track Name: Blood Boil Slow
Let Your Blood Boil Slow
Let your tear drops rest
In the deathbed wait
Feel that beat out of your chest
Wipe the shame from your face
From the depths, scream the name
of those who cursed you to erase
Close your eyes, leave this place

Let your blood boil Slow
Now you don’t wanna wait to die
And then it’s straight down to flame eternal
The lake where tired men do lie
Could you ever regret
These decisions you have made?
For its regret that brings no assurance
When you who made your fate

Let your blood boil Slow now
For your flesh could not relate
To the rush of heat’s creation
In your body grows such hate
It’s this teeming discontent,
leaving scars that we’ve all seen
Lines unforgiven, writ on your face
Wrinkled seam