American Times EP

by Devil Met Contention

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released February 26, 2015

Devil Met Contention is
Ehson Rad..............Lyrics, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica
David Schuyler.......Lead Guitar
Max Nemer.............Bass Guitar, Piano
Nez...........................Drums, Percussion

All songs written, arranged & performed by Ehson Rad & Devil Met Contention
(Silver Dagger is a traditional American folk song published in 1907 & arranged by Ehson Rad)

Engineered at Howl Street Studios by Shane Hochstetler
Mastered at Saff Mastering by Carl Saff

Copyright © 2015 Devil Met Contention All Rights Reserved
All materials, content, and forms Contained in this release are intellectual property of Ehson Rad & Devil Met Contention and may not be copied, distributed, or displayed, without Ehson Rad’s express written permission

Made in Milwaukee, WI



all rights reserved


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Devil Met Contention Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Devil Met Contention combines country, folk and blues into a distinctive sound that brings to mind Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Johnny Cash. The group was hailed as "a haunting slab of dusty Americana" by the Milwaukee Record.

Devil Met Contention is perfect if you feel like dancing, socializing or drowning your sorrows with a bottle of whiskey.
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Track Name: Arclight Worship
Put him back together
From his eggshell fate
Studebaker smile, death row face
Brim tilted lower than the fire beneath
Shoe rubber sticking to the gravel in the street Arclight worship immaculate grasp, takes your hand now you’re never coming back

Older than you noticed
With eyes like that
Black market ink dripped straightly down her back White skin china, that polished veneer
Circumstances say that reflection, it’s getting clearer Arclight worship immaculate grasp, takes your hand now you’re never coming back

Automated passion
Vestigial contact
Masochistic dreams they lead you straight to the abstract Stripped legs loosely, Crossed there to greet
Send you towards these scheming beliefs of
Arclight worship immaculate grasp, takes your hand now you’re never coming back
Track Name: Blood Boil Slow
Let Your Blood Boil Slow
Let your tear drops rest
In the deathbed wait
Feel that beat out of your chest Wipe the shame from your face
From the depths, scream the name
Of those who cursed you to erase Close your eyes leave this place

Let your blood boil Slow
Now you don’t wanna wait to die
And then it’s straight down to flame eternal The lake where tired men do lie
Could you ever regret
These decisions you have made For its regret that brings no assurance
When you who made your fate

Let your blood boil Slow
For your flesh could not relate
To the rush of heats creation
In your body grows such hate
It’s this teeming discontent
Leaving scars that we've all seen
Those lines unforgiven
Writ on your face, wrinkled seam
Track Name: Snakeskin Blues
Got a thousand virtues
If you want id sell them to you
Got a thousand virtues
To this day not one’s shone through

Been sleeping in Nevada weather
Drink'in in California too
Nothing in this southwest land
Says I’m comin home to you

I've been wearing masks of sorts
Been breathing smokey air too
Toss the face I can’t trick you with
That second skins been gettin me the night through

I lost my heart in Santa Fe
The Midwest got the best of me
They got my soul in some East coast bay
Pack my home be on my way

Crushed velvet and room to roam
They keep the best company
When I wrote my name on that mirror wall
Left to claim my solitary

No, God damn never looking back
Walk inside these snakeskin blues
Making tracks in the sand there forever
Until the wind blows through
I've got those snakeskin blues
Track Name: Silver Dagger
Don't sing love songs, you'll wake my mother
She sleeps right by my side
In her right hand, a silver dagger
Says I can't be your bride

All men are false, says my mother
They'll tell you wicked lies The next evening, they'll court another
Leave you to pine and sigh

My daddy is a handsome devil,
On a chain five miles long,
on every link a heart does dangle, of one he's loved and wronged

Go court another tender maiden, and hope shell be your bride
For I've been warned and I've decided
to sleep alone all of my life
Track Name: American Times
Pay what you owe, reap what you sow
When its business it’s not personal, you've got American times

Now you know just what you did
She was just a kid
Now you’re not quite innocent
You’re out on your own

Know just what you’re worth
Well its wall street or the dirt
You’re pressed suit tie and shirt
Still out on your own

When it’s industrial
They say its amoral
Kind of makes you feel a little bit

Its kill or be killed
It’s an eye for an eye
In this dog eat dog world
You’re still out on your own

Pay what you owe, reap what you sow
When its business it’s not personal, you've got American times